Direct Market

Direct Market Results was founded in 2009 by John Deck. John spent over 25 years in hi-tech including 15 years in sales. Three years in marketing and marketing director for a pre-IPO company (it was bought out). John has worked for Fortune 500 companies to startups. Before founding Direct Market Results, John had been director of sales and marketing where he was responsible for sales and lead generation.

Here at Direct Market Results, we solve painful sales problems using AI. We do not want to waste hours of our day on time-consuming and repetitive tasks that require zero brainpower and bring in peanuts as profits. 

I’d say you do not either. 

That is why we leverage AI to help business owners pull in multiples of $1000s in extra sales, increase profit margins and save hundreds of hours of manual work. 

We use AI to help you work leads faster, speak to better qualified leads, increase your conversation rates and reduce the amount it costs you to acquire a customer. 

Our Database Reactivation AI bot pulls 5 or 6 figures in sales that businesses have written off for dead. 

With our AI solutions, clients regain control of their time, cut costs and stay focused on the highest-value activities in their business, while AI helps to put more money in their pocket. 

We may be AI specialists, but our approach is far from robotic. We get under the hood of your business, identify any bottleneck areas in your sales process and tailor our approach to get you the best results.

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