About Direct Market Results

John Deck

For over eleven years, Direct Market Results has specialized in lead generation digital marketing. Forget over-priced agencies that confuse you with baffling 'advertising' lingo. Agencies that demand long term retainer contracts and then woefully under perform!

Direct Market Results provide leads sales teams love. High-quality, filtered leads that generate real sales and revenue growth.

Direct Market Results was founded in 2009 by John Deck. John spent over 20 years hi-tech. Fifteen years in sales including three years in marketing and marketing director for a pre-IPO company (it was bought out). John has worked for Fortune 500 companies to startups. Before founding Direct Market Results, John had been with software companies as director of sales and marketing where he was responsible for lead generation using digital marketing programs.

Unlike other sales and marketing experts, John Deck has extensive hands-on experience taking sales to the top. He has sold wide range of products from development tools starting at $2500, IT infrastructure at $750,000, and professional services to $250,000. John has taken languishing sales territories and increased sales two to three hundred percent. He has done this with action driven, customer focused sales methods.

In 2004, John began using online digital strategies and techniques such as Google AdWords (pay-per-click), article distribution, search engine optimization (SEO), and authority digital marketing to boost lead generation and sales. John and the staff at Direct Market Results build highly effective lead generation campaigns using Google, Facebook and other ad platforms to be "Your 7x24 Lead Generator".  John is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional, and a digital marketing specialist. He is a hands-on sales and business strategist.

Some of the companies John Deck has worked with:


Well Fargo



US West

Sun Micro Systems


Bear Stearns

Bank of America



Hughes Systems